I Ship Bullshit..
Hiiiiiiiiii. Cute as a B***** every single one of you. :) x

Anonymous asked: So even if elounor is real larry shippers really don't seem to care that they could be making Louis upset, annoyed and angry with them like stfu already he obviously is STILL with HER now whether or not it's real is nobody's business but theirs this whole fandom needs to stop acting like they owe us every detail of their lives just because we buy their tickets and merch etc,.

I agree with you. But what if Larry is real? 

Anonymous asked: Why do you consider Eleanor fake? What's happened to lead you to believe that?

Well.. I actually used to ship Elounor, I loved her and I thought they we’re cute! To be honest, Larry proof videos made me believe in Larry and I’m glad I do.. They seem more real <3

Eleanour is sooooo fake like omg managemnt you need to stop trying!

 ask mee <3
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 Is it too late to bring us back to life?
- Luke Hemmings
 Bitter words spoken. Everything’s broken. It’s never too late to bring us back to life.
- Ashton Irwin


I think I fell in love with him all over again

 Goodness gracious, I can’t seem to stop calling it off just to keep crawling to your arms.
- Ellie Goulding